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The course on image processing and image editing 

Saturday 15 March, 10 am - 4 pm


For quality reasons, this workshop will be conducted in small groups. The spaces are limited (first come first serve!).


Suitable for:

Film amateurs with interest in image processing, black-and-white photography, continuation course for participants of course 1a


Course fee:

CHF 280 including drinks and snacks (early birds: CHF 250)

Limited spaces! First come, first serve


Aurélia Marine Studios, Zürich Kreis 7

Take with you:

Your photographs on a USB stick or printer for discussion (if desired), writing utensils.




Further details will be sent after registration.


10 am - 12 pm:


12 pm - 13 pm: 

13 pm - 4 pm: 



photography course


come together, lunch,
Q&A, preparation
for part two

photography course



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